The English Game – 2020 Netflix Web Series And Tv Shows (British)

Release Date: – 20 March 2020.
Cast: – Edward Holcroft, Charlotte Hope, Kevin Guthrie, James Harkness, Niamh Walsh, Craig Parkinson, Ben Batt, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Gerard Kearns, Joncie Elmore, Philip Hill-Pearson.
Director: – Birgitte Stærmose, Tim Fywell.
Producer: – Edward Charlton, Rory Aitken, Julian Fellowes, Miriam Brent, Eleanor Moran, Ben Pugh.
Episodes: – 6.
Our Ratings: – 4 Star.
Available On: – Netflix.
Genre: – Sports, Games, Entertaining.

The English Game – Official Trailer

The Making Of The English Game