I Am A Killer – 2018 Netflix Web Series & Tv Shows (British)

Release Date: – 3 August 2018.
Cast: – Reece Putinas, Deandra Buchanan, David Galea, Justin Dickens, Wayne Doty, Kenneth Foster Jr., David Lee Lewis, Joshua Nelson, Miguel Angel Martinez, James Robertson, Charles Armentrout, Linda Lee Couch, Lindsay Haugen, Brandon Hutchinson, Joseph Murphy.
Director: – Ross Young, James Tovell, Zoe Hines, Jeremy Turner, Ned Parker.
Producer: – Ned Parker, Tom Adams, Jessica Burgess, Danny Tipping, Leticia Meruvia.
Number Of Seasons: – 2.
Episodes: – 20.
Our Ratings: – 4 Star.
Available On: – Netflix.
Genre: – Crime Documentary.

I Am A Killer – Official Trailer

I Am A Killer Season 2 – Official Trailer

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