Hitler’s Circle Of Evil – 2018 Netflix Web Series & Tv Shows (British)

Release Date: – 22 February 2018.
Cast: – Jonathon Michaels, Guy Walters, Alisdair Simpson, Richard Overy, Sönke Neitzel, Michael Lynch, Vic Waghorn, Chris Wilson, Ray Burnet, Philip Andrew, Alex Dee.
Director: – Matthew Hinchcliffe, Simon Deeley, Guy Smith, Vicky Matthews, Chris Roberts.
Producer: – Tom Harberd, Compton Ross, Phil Hunt, Steven Perring, Paola Desiderio.
Episodes: – 10.
Our Ratings: – 4 Star.
Available On: – Netflix.
Genre: – Historical, Thriller.

Hitler’s Circle Of Evil – Official Trailer

Hitler’s Circle Of Evil – The Rise And Fall