Churchill’s Secret Agents The New Recruits – 2018 Netflix Web Series & Tv Shows (British)

Release Date: – 9 April 2018.
Cast: – Douglas Henshall, William Beresford Davies, Robert Copsey, Debbey Clitheroe, Magdalena Thomas, Adrian Weale, Mariama Sebe Camara, Paul Stone, Bags Simmons.
Director: – Jules Endersby, Garfield Carrott, Emma Frank, Laura Linton, Charlie Slade, Mark Carter, Joe Myerscough, Zinia Scroggs.
Producer: – Michael Fraser, Robin Daly, Nick Gilbert, Raphaele Kranjcevic, Cate Hall, Dan Gold.
Episodes: – 5.
Our Ratings: – 4 Star.
Available On: – Netflix.

Churchill’s Secret Agents The New Recruits – Official Trailer

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